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Why the Current Generation is Financially Fucked

Back in the 1950s and 60s, the American dream was in full effect. With $10 grand in your pocket – that’s a bit more than $100 grand today, considering inflation – you could get a university degree, buy a car, open a mortgage, and feel comfortable starting a family. Nowadays, that same money will barely

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An Analysis of the School Shooting Phenomenon

A deeper look into what makes individuals want to commit mass murder.

How Literature is Changing in the 21st Century

Introduction Within our age of the Internet, literature necessarily isn’t dying as some people insist. Instead, it’s shaping itself in ways to appropriately accommodate modern technology. Blogs have given independent writers and corporations the opportunity to publish whenever they desire. Newspapers and magazines now hold completely digital subscription services. Likewise, novels are finding their way

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Social Media’s Role in Social Anxiety

Introduction Maybe you’re someone like me who suffers from social anxiety. You live day by day feeling lonelier and lonelier. I’d like to start by reminding you that you’re not alone. If you’re not someone like me, then I ask simply that you try to understand before reading on. People generally feel sensitive about this topic

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To Be Read and Not to Read

Introduction Reading literature more than just a dying habit. It’s a modern dilemma that will prove to be consequential. We are living in a time where everyone wants to be read, but no one wants to read. This is due to society’s progressions into technological innovations. The human mind has altered into a reality still

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